• TLC Silica gel 60 F₂₅₄ pkg of 25 sheets, sheet L × W 20 cm × 20 cm, plastic support


    General description

    Our classical silica TLC plates are based on a combination of our proven silica gel 60 and the addition of a unique polymeric binder resulting in a very adherent and hard surface that will not crack or blister and even allow writing with a pencil on the surface without risk to damage the layer.
    25 Plastic sheets 20 x 20 cm


    Replaces: 5735-7; 5735

    Analysis Note

    Specific surface area (according to BET; 5-Pt. measurement): 480 – 540 m²/g
    Pore volume (N₂-isotherm): 0.74 – 0.84 ml/g
    d 50 (laser diffraction, size distribution): 9.5 – 11.5 µm
    Layer thickness: 175 – 225 µm
    Deviation of layer thickness per plate: ≤ 40 µm
    Chromatographic testings:
    A) Colour test
    – bleu vif organol, colour test, lipophile:
    11 – 25
    – Ceres Black G, colour test, lipophile: 34 – 48
    – ceres Violet brn, colour test, lipophile: 52 – 67
    separation number (colourtest, lipophile): ≥ 10.5
    B) Steriod test
    – hydrocortisone, steroid test:
    25 – 37
    – Reichstein S, steroid test: 37 – 49
    – methyltestosterone, steroid test: 42 – 54
    Typical value determined on a conditioned sheet
    Eluent A) Toluene (45% rel.humidity)
    Eluent B) Ethyl acetate/Toluene (95+5 v/v; 20% rel.humidity)
  • MilliporeSigma™ SteriCap PLUS 10/pack

    General description

    The Stericap PLUS Universal Bottle-Top Filter Device with Millipore Express PLUS membrane provides fast vacuum filtration and low protein binding without the need for a prefilter in most cases. It filters quickly, without clogging, even viscous solutions typical of serum-containing media. This non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic device can be used to fill any vacuum-rated bottle or other container with an inner neck diameter of 20 to 67 mm. This allows maximum versatility, capacity, speed, and flowthrough efficiency when you need to filter larger volumes into containers with openings of various sizes.

    Features & Benefits:
    – Millipore Express PLUS membrane for fastest flow rates and low protein binding

    – Fits any vacuum-rated bottle from 20 to 67 mm in diameter for maximum flexibility

    – High volume capacity for larger and less frequent preparation steps

    – Easy flow control button so the filter can be easily transferred from bottle to bottle without turning off the vacuum each time

    – Free of cytotoxic and pyrogenic contaminants for robust cell culture and sensitive downstream applications

    Sterilization of Aqueous Solutions, Media Preparation, Buffer Preparation



    Physical form

    Color Code: Clear

    Preparation Note

    Sterilization Method
    Gamma irradiation

    Other Notes

    Directions for Use

    • Organism Retention: Microorganisms
    • Mode of Action: Filtering
    • Application: Sterile filtration
    • Intended Use: Sterile filtration of laboratory reagents, buffers, and media.
    • Instructions for Use: Please refer to the instructions for use section of Stericup® PLUS user guide
    • Storage Statement: Store in dry location
    • Disposal Statement: Dispose of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

    Legal Information

    EXPRESS PLUS is a trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
    STERICAP is a trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
    Stericup is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
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