• Gibco™ Fetal Bovine Serum, qualified, USDA-approved Sterile 500ml Each

    Gibco fetal bovine sera offer excellent value for basic cell culture, specialty research, and specific assays, earning the trust of researchers with consistent quality and award-winning support that helps meet your research needs and budget requirements

    Gibco Sera: Trusted Quality for Consistent Performance

    Sera Category: Value (Standard)
    • Sera for cell culture with robust cell lines
    • Good value for basic research
    • Endotoxin level: ≤ 50 EU/mL (levels routinely ≤ 10 EU/mL)
    • Hemoglobin level: ≤ 25 mg/dL
    • Origin: Countries meeting USDA importation requirements

    Gibco Serum Delivers
    • ISO 13485 certified, processed in FDA registered facilities
    • Labeled for in-vitro diagnostics (compliant with highest level of USP sterility testing)
    • Triple filtered at 0.1 µm
    • Gibco bottle is easier to use in the hood, reduces the risk of contamination and helps you perform cell culture more consistently
    • Peel-off sticker on label provides handy reference for lot number and expiration date recording in lab notebook

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