• Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Refrigerated Incubators 5°C to 70°C 6.3 cu. ft. 178 L Each

    Offers precise temperature control, increased energy efficiency, and ease of usability. Equipped with Peltier technology to reach and maintain the precise ambient temperatures you need for reliable results.

    Achieve untapped potential in incubation with the temperature precision you need for applications that demand it. With a temperature range of +5 to +70°C, Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Refrigerated Incubators are equipped with Peltier technology to reach and maintain the precise ambient temperatures you need for reliable results. With no hazardous refrigerants, these units use less energy than the conventional product, making it the ideal choice for energy-conscious labs.

    • Temperature range 5- 70°C
    • Available in 2 sizes:benchtop model 178L / 6.3 cuft and a floor model with casters 381L / 13.5 cuft.
    • Great temperature uniformity and stability to keep the samples in a safe environment -> uniformity as low as +/-0.3°C (20°C), stability as low as +/-0.1°C
    • Energy consumption as low as 80Wh/h (benchtop) / 150Wh/h (floor) at 20°C  – Note that comparable compressor cooled units consume up to 6 times this amount*
    • CFC free / HFC free polyurethane insulation foam for great temperature performance and condensate prevention
    • Heated door with intelligent energy control to ensure no condensation – even at low temperatures
    • Sophisticated timer function with weekly / daily or real time mode
    • Intuitive programmability function for defined temperature ramping, soak/cool and dwell: store up to 10 programs with 10 easy steps
      • Adjustable over temperature shut-off for protocols that require setting of over temperature for protection – (class 2 according to norm DIN12880)
      • Safe viewing of samples through internal glass door with limited impact on temperature
      • Safe containment with automatic over and under temperature alarm
    • Standard access port for data monitoring (large diameter of 42mm / 1.65 in.)
    • Flexible shelf system for optimal loading, easy to remove for cleaning, with non-tip protection
    • Stainless steel interior (1.4301 / ASTM 304) and rounded corners  for easy cleaning
    *Based on comparison with models BK6160/Precision815
  • Paraformaldehyde, 96%, Thermo Scientific™ 500g, Plastic Bottle Each

    Paraformaldehyde, 96%, CH2O, CAS Number-30525-89-4, paraformaldehyde, paraform, oxymethylene, methylene oxide, methyl aldehyde, methanal, formol, formalin, formic aldehyde, oxomethane, 500g, CHEBI:16842, White, 260 deg.C, 1.03 (Air – 1.0), 71 deg.C, Extra Pure, Warning

    This Thermo Scientific brand product was originally part of the Acros Organics product portfolio. Some documentation and label information may refer to the legacy brand. The original Acros Organics product / item code or SKU reference has not changed as a part of the brand transition to Thermo Scientific.

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