• V-1200 Spectrophotometer Each

    The V-1200 and UV-1600PC are basic Visible and UV/Vis spectrophotometers for the routine daily quality control requirements, in process control and teaching laboratories.


    • Large LCD display (128×64 pixels)
    • Can save up to total 200 results and 200 standard curves
    • Download data to PC via USB interface
    • Application software, allows PC control of the spectrophotometers (delivered with UV-1600PC), includes the following methods: Basic mode, quantitative, wavelength scan, kinetics, multi-wavelength, DNA/protein
    • Variety of optional accessories including an automatic 8-cell changer


    The instruments are reliable, robust and easy to use. The wide range of different accessories available will help to adapt and fine tune the units to meet the user’s demands. With the support of the standard software, stored results and data can be downloaded from internal memory to PC (V-1200). The application software offers all the important methods for routine measurements (UV-1600PC).
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