• Eppendorf Upright Freezer Rack U410 HEF U410 U700 CryoCube F570 CryoCube F740 53mm

    Drawer or side access. For sample access, racks with drawers stay in the freezer compartment. Only the relevant drawer with the freezer boxes of interest is pulled-out. All other boxes stay in the cold inner area of the ULT freezer. Eppendorf drawers are optimized for smooth movement at -80�C for ergonomic handling. When using side access racks, sample access results in removal of most of the storage boxes out of the cold inner area of the ULT freezer. The side access rack has to be pulled out to have access to the samples. Racks for chest freezers can be equipped with locking rods to secure freezer boxes when pulling-out the rack tower. Stainless steel or aluminum. By standard, there are two types of rack materials available.. Stainless steel. Stable/ robust for longevity and higher capacit. For freezer boxes up to 136 mm x 136 mm for high flexibility regarding boxe. Optimized cooling conditions by special design for improved sample safet. Aluminum.

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