Economical, durable and gentle on delicate glass or quartz cuvettes, this all-plastic washer replaces costly, antiquated devices that are often more fragile than the cuvettes they wash.
     Comes complete with a 500cc polypropylene vacuum flask, Vikem® vinyl stopper and 3 ft. PVC tubing ready for connection to a vacuum line
     Mouth of an inverted cuvette is pressed against the rubber cushion to induce suction
     Water or other cleaning fluid poured into the 89mm (3½”) diameter funnel is forcibly sprayed into the cuvette and then drains into the flask
     Continued pressure on the cuvette creates an air flow which dries it
     Final wash in acetone aids in removing water droplets
     Minimum cuvette I.D must be 9mm or larger to form a seal over the spray nozzle


    Slips easily onto Buchner funnel stems and seals-off the filter flask mouth to prevent air leaks during vacuum filtration.
     Center hole fits funnel stems up to 22mm (⁹/₁₀”) diameter
     9.5mm (³/₈”) thick by 76mm (2⁹/₁₀”) O.D. ring is wide enough to fit filter flasks up to 4000ml
     Made of chemical-resistant black neoprene
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