Remove stubborn residue on glassware with this odor-resistant, highly absorbent sponge.
     Wipe dry performance equal to cellulose; maintains the desirable physical properties of polyurethane
     Foam contains anti-microbial technology to inhibit odor causing bacteria within the sponge itself
     Stays soft and flexible, wet or dry; will not crack or shrink, or become brittle like cellulose
     Scouring side resists snagging; does not leave fibers behind and retains aggressive scouring ability even with frequent use


    Uniquely designed, swiveling pivot head enables thorough cleaning of bottles and flasks including difficult curves and corners.
     Natural bristles set in wood will not scratch glass
     Swivel head fits through a 29/42 standard taper neck, or any non-tapered neck with a diameter of 24mm (1″) or larger
     Brush head is slightly convex, 45mm (L) x 21mm (W) with bristles 8mm long
     Brush head is attached to hardwood handle 37cm long x 7mm diameter

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